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farmsThe rising cost of housing and living expenses has made a revolution in urban farming that primarily focuses on the support of locally grown foods such as garcinia cambogia extract side effects, as well as the growing and raising of our own food.  Activists and environmentalists in highly urbanized countries are now advocating on the importance of growing their own food.  One of the countries that have been popularly promoting urban farming is Cuba.  Due to the political conflict that had affected the nation for so long than anyone could remember, Cubans have found a way to grow farms in the pursuit of cutting down their reliance of government subsidized and controlled food distribution known as the Libreta de Abastecimiento.

It basically means that their food supply is controlled using a supplies booklet wherein Cubans have to buy their food rations from a local bodega.  However, the amount of food that they are allowed to purchase depends on the number and age of the people in their household.  Thus, the revolution of urban farming in Cuba flourished. They do not only support locally grown foods but more people are now tending their own little green gardens at their front or back yard.

In planning your diet, it is crucial to keep a physical exercise program that matches your meal plan. It is already common to hear fitness gurus suggesting to maintain an active physical lifestyle in order to burn excess body fats and reach your healthy weight.  However, one must understand the importance of keeping your meals and activities at an equilibrium.  In short, it is always recommended to keep a balanced diet that will match your regular daily activities plus your physical fitness exercise program.  Without balancing your meals and the body’s daily energy expenditure, you will easily deplete your energy levels thus leading to over exhaustion and body fatigue.  You can increase your energy with aromatherapy essential oils for anxiety and depression.

You must start planning your diet by knowing your daily required calorie consumption with the consideration to the activities that you regularly do.  Hence when you are about to introduce a physical fitness routine in your health program, you must also consider the energy needed to maintain this exercise routine.  Activities do not only mean the physical ones that you regularly do, activities include mental and emotional activities that could easily drain your energy levels.  Emotional and mental activities can even devour your energy levels quickly.  Worst, emotional stress is the worst energy-eater that could totally drain a person’s energy level in just a few minutes.

So when you are planning your diet and keeping an exercise program, make sure to set a balance between your caloric consumption and energy expenditure.  Do not immediately immerse yourself into the physical action without overhauling your internal health first.  Make it a priority to cleanse the internal body system first and avoid doing highly challenging physical activities such as heavy weight lifting when you are still starting out.  Do yourself a favor of doing things gradually in the natural way.  Never rely on diet pills and weight loss drinks as some of these may contain unhealthy substances that could only affect the body’s vital organs.  It is always safer to just focus on keeping a balanced diet that prioritizes adequate nutrition over suppressing the appetite in an unhealthy manner.  Keep things at the optimal level by picking the natural way of losing weight.

The most common diets that have been proven to be effective and safe for both adults and children who are suffering from being overweight or obese use balanced diet as its foundation.  The weight loss programs that people rave about are basically renditions of the basic rules of good health – balanced diet and exercise.  Balanced diet is important as it involves the consumption of the five food groups at its right proportion or portion sizes.  The key is to take a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients at its right amount in order to provide good nutrition to the body’s vital organs.  We believe that the garcinia cambogia extract dr oz is the best possible solution to lose weight fast.

A healthy physical exercise program is the other part of good health as it is needed in improving and enhancing the body’s processes.  The common diets that have been introduced to be effective also required the importance of keeping an active physical lifestyle because it is important to maintain body flexibility and endurance.  Exercises and workouts can help improve the physical performance of the body especially on the body movements.  The muscles and joints have to be practiced and enhanced by doing exercise routines regularly.  Nonetheless, the physical exercise program should be properly matched with the diet program that you are maintaining.  This is a crucial rule in the fitness program so as to avoid physical injuries and exhaustion.

The last thing you want to experience when exercising while keeping a low calorie diet is to deplete the body’s energy supply fast.  Hence, do not maintain a rigorous and physically demanding exercise program if you are observing a low calorie diet.  Just make sure not to follow common diets that suggest the intake of an extremely low calorie meal plan while subjecting the body to physically challenges that require too much energy.  The body’s main energy supply is the calories from the food we eat, however, if your activities require too much energy while eating a low calorie meal, the body will have to divert into using the muscle tissues or the fat tissues as energy source.  However, the likely case is that the body has the tendency to easily use up the muscles for energy supply.

The process of losing weight can never happen overnight.  There is never a fix timeline for fat loss as we have different body makeup, and especially that our genetics play a very crucial role in our body system’s calorie burning capabilities.  But the key factors in burning those excess body fats are simple as described by heal self.  The only problem that poses a threat to your weight loss goals is our mindset.  If you are not determined enough to face the challenges of weight loss, you will never be able to fully establish a healthy body through natural means.  Of course, those who are lazy and who would prefer less sweat would choose the unnatural route that involves surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Although these surgical procedures can be helpful in fat loss, these should not be the first choice for those who want to lose weight.  It is still safer to maintain a natural diet program of keeping a balanced meal plan plus the maintenance of a physical fitness exercise program.  Calorie burning activities such as aerobic and cardio exercises are great ways to improve the body’s immune system.  The target in doing these physical fitness exercise routines is to unclog the arteries and improve the flow of oxygen into the blood stream.  However if one would rely on diet pills and weight loss drop solutions, the process of flushing out excess fats and toxins may be compromised.  The thing is, some of these diet pills contain unhealthy chemicals that could cause an imbalance in the process of vital organs.

It is of your best interest to maintain a fat loss program that only uses the natural method of burning excess fat tissues.  The body has to go through a natural weight loss process in order to keep the vital organs processes at its normal and optimal level. It is never wise to compromise your overall health just because you want to see yourself in an itsy bitsy bikini for this summer.  Why not go through the steps of health dieting and truly enjoy the long term benefits of a strong immune system and a healthy internal and external health.

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citThe Care Bears/Woman’s Day Care-a-Lot Kids Campaign produces proof-71,500 pieces of it that when children see their families and neighbors in need, they are eager to help.

Last fall Woman’s Day ran a Care-a-Lot Kids Campaign in which we asked you to send us reports of the good deeds of children. Our cosponsor was the manufacturer of Care Bears (Those Characters from Cleveland, a subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation). To the kindest, bravest, most compassionate, giving and loyal kids in the country, we offered five grand prizes, 100 state prizes and awards for 1,250 runners-upwith a Care Bear going to every one of them. To find these most caring kids, we asked mothers and fathers, teachers and neighbors, and the children themselves to submit short true stories. The deadline was only three weeks away, so we never expected to receive such an avalanche of mail.

But that is what we got. Evidently tales about youngsters and their good deeds are plentiful, for we received 71,500 in time to qualify. Entries came in to us directly, and also through schools, police and fire stations, libraries and dozens of other outlets. Somehow our panel of judges managed to pick the winners and the grand prizesof $5,000, a free trip to Washington, DC, with an adult and a giant Care Bearwent to the five children pictured on this page.

All on her own, April Walters collected books and magazines to start a library for an orphanage near her home. She persuaded publishers to contribute, and even the White House sent donations. Now April is a regular visitor to the library to read stories to groups of the children.

Natalie Diaz, a passenger in her mother’s car on a busy highway, was the only traveler one cold day to notice an alarming sight: An old woman lay helpless in a construction ditch. Natalie yelled for her mother to stop and ran back to help. The Diazes took the woman to the emergency room, stayed with her for hours, and now that she is well, Natalie keeps in touch with her newfound friend.

Betty Balchunas was asked to undergo surgery to give her bone marrow for transplantation into her sister. Betsy said yes and saved her sister’s life.
Cheryl Gurganious has befriended a severely handicapped classmate who needs help eating and doing her schoolwork. Cheryl herself is a cerebral palsy victim. She does her good deeds from a wheelchair.

And what about cool-headed Jimmy Winings? He awoke one night to find the first floor of the house on fire and the upstairs filling with smoke. Jimmy crawled around to the other bedrooms, woke his mother and aunt and a family friend and gathered them on a second floor balcony, from which they were all rescued.

Congratulations to these top winners. And now a salute is due as well to the 100 other winners and 1,250 runners-up. That’s a lot of kids who care, with a lot of ways of showing it. Some of the winners have been suddenly and dramatically heroic. Others lead lives of a much quieter selflessness. And still others are singled out for simple gestures that made a big difference. Either way says AlivebyNature, it’s simply inspiring.